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What is a mediumship reading like 

Mediumship has become a bit of an old fashioned phrase, reminiscent of Victorian parlours and seances. Although the phrase is still used extensively, many are beginning to use the word Channelling instead. In particular those following the 'New age' individual eclectic approach to spiritual exploration.

Communication with spirits, Angels and people who have died and passed over have been around since humans began walking the earth. In the Oracles of Delphi, perhaps the best known record refers to the oracle at the sanctuary of Apollo. In the last quarter of the 8th Century BC. The priestess of the oracle at Delphi was known as the Pythia. She exerted considerable influence throughout the Greek world, and was consulted before all major undertakings: wars, the founding of colonies, and so forth. She also was respected by the countries around the Greek world, such as Lydia, Caria, and even Egypt.

The Fox sisters from the USA are considered to be the first spiritualist mediums following communication in their parent's house with a spirit entity in 1848. Most probably the most famous and influential medium and psychic was Edgar Cayce 1877-1945. As a child Cayce spoke to Angels and had visions of his dead grandfather. He was best known for his diagnosis cures for illness that he received from the spirit world.

There are many modern day channelers include people such as Jane Roberts and Seth, Neale Donald Walsch who Channelled text allegedly from God, Ra entity, channelled by Carla Rueckert, Brazilian psychic surgeons, such as José Arigó, claim to work as channels for deceased surgeons. The husband-and-wife team, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Whose conversation with a spiritual entity known as 'Kryon' introduced the Indigo Children.

In simple terms a medium is some one who translates information from the ethereal realm to others on the earth plane. The pre-requisite is that the medium has to be sensitive to the energies and vibration of the spiritual world. More commonly, mediumship has come to be associated with the proving of the survival of the personality after death. The usual procedure is for some one to ask the medium a question that is then answered by a non-human entity. The entity that speaks through the medium may be a Spirit guide, angels, nature spirits, guardian spirits, deities, demons or spirits of the dead and even extra-terrestrial life.

Sometimes the answers or revelations come through automatic writing, pendulum dousing, table tipping, but most commonly, the entity speaks through the medium, often resulting in a change of voice. There are two types of trance. In the first the personality or ego withdraws from the physical body allowing the spirit guide to communicate through it, the medium will have little or no memory of the experience. In the second type, the medium is conscious throughout, but becomes passive in order to become more sensitive a channel for the spirit entity. During both forms of trance mediumship, the medium can receive information from a number of entities, with a change of voice, and sometimes facial expression to accompany each one.

The entities are open to answer questions on a wide range of subjects, from their role on the other side and descriptions of the etheric planes to information about people who have passed over. The technique used by most mediums requires three skill areas; the first is that of visualisation, this means being able to hold clear images steadily in your mind. The second is that of being able to concentrate and hold the image within your mind without allowing your attention to drift. The third is to be able to develop a creative imagination for example scenes relevant to the meditation you are doing. It is through the imagination that we open up the pathways to spiritual perception.

There is no fast track path to learning meadiumship, it takes time, dedication and last but not least hard work. For those who feel mediumship is for them the best way forward is to join a group of like-minded people. These can usually be found by attending one of the many spiritual churches throughout the country. The advantage of this is that each member of the group learns and supports one an others development. Plus new members become comfortable with spirit contact and old superstitions and fears are less likely. A more experienced member will lead most groups. This person will help facilitate the process and address problems; most gatherings last for around one hour, once a week. It is usual to light candles and incense and have some gentle music playing, this will all add to keeping the energy strong and vibrant. Seating is usually circular, and the evening begins with people joining hands and reciting a prayer. This can be done as a group or individually taking turn to lead it. Finally, many people gain a lot of satisfaction and comfort from receiving messages through mediumship; in particular from loved ones that have passed over. But it should never be used in excess or to rule ones life. The leading body for mediums is the Spiritualists' National Union [SNU] where they offer a Diploma and Certificate of Recognition. Famous Psychics include Derek Acorah, Colin Fry, Sally Morgan, John Edward, Russell Grant, Doris Stokes, Gordon Smith

What is a Spirit Guide?

The reality of spiritual beings offering assistance to those living in the physical world has been a part of every major religion of the world. The ancient Greeks spoke to spirits and Gods through the Oracles. The Shamans of Egypt, Africa and other parts of the world established communication with between humans and nature. Native American tribes believed that each person has an individual guardian angel, which could also appear in an animal form. The American Indians believed that once a spirit had been seen through a vision or dream it would provide specific powers for example clairvoyancy, medicine and healing powers.

In Victorian times, communication with the spiritual realms occurred through mediums and spiritualists. Psychics of today channel information from angels, beings from other galaxies, dolphins, nature spirits, ascended masters or saints and the Universal mind of God, amongst other things. Guides are sometimes called guardian angels, teachers, doorkeepers and healers. Most psychics believe that spirit guides are highly evolved beings who protect and provide metaphysical information as well as every day advice should it be required. Psychics also emphasis that spirit guides in what ever form they take, have lived many lives on the earth plane and through their own learning and self sacrifice have become more evolved than human beings.

All psychics and clairvoyants know that that every one of us has a spirit guide who are always ready and willing to help and assist their own people, but who will not interfere in a humans life without a specific invitation. Psychics also insist that spirit guides have understanding far in advance of anything we can imagine and understand the complexities of modern technology and society as well as ancient metaphysical understanding for those who know how to listen. They can also appear in whatever shape or form the psychics wish to see. For example if the psychic expects to see the spirit in an Indian head-dress or as a Tibetan monk, then that is how the spirit guide will appear.

Psychics also believe that some of us have a number of guides depending on the work that we have to accomplish whilst we are on this planet. But it is said that one particular guide oversees us throughout our lives. The others are called upon when ever there is a specific task to overcome, for example when healing is required or when we pass through a period of transformation. Many psychics communicate with their spirit guides using divination tools such as Tarot, Runes or dowsing within a pendulum. Alternatively spirit guides can be contacted through a psychic using either voice or automatic writing. It is common practice for all psychics to connect with their spirit guides before carrying out a reading for a client. It is through their guides that psychics have access to the information available in the astral plane or the askashic records.

There has been much misrepresentation about the spirit world by fiction writers, in particular the film industry who have often portrayed anything to do with spiritual world as evil and frightening. And there is much myth and superstition surrounding the area. Working with ones spirit guide is a wonderful enlightening experience and adventure. We open our selves to our true nature and purpose on this planet. We realise that all the people that we have ever known are still with us and that life is eternal. We learn that through the loving guidance of our guides, that we are never alone and that we can overcome our limitations and narrow view of who and what we are and begin to soar like eagles to unknown hight's of perception, awareness, understanding and creativity. Through the love guidance and protection of our spirit guides we are free to be who we truly are.

In Face to Face Psychic readings Anita Shean Psychic Medium uses Psychometry also known as token-object reading or psychoscopy,] is a form of extra-sensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object. Supporters assert that an object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding that object's history.

Psychometry is the ability in which psychics sense or read the history of an object by handling it or holding it to their forehead or chest. The information received may include people, places, events, or emotions of people connected with the object. Psychics also perceive the information as images, sounds, smells and tastes, for example handling a brooch can provide facts about the present and previous owners. Often the information comes in story form. People who practice this skill are referred to as a psychometrist. The skill of psychometry is not restricted to psychics. For example visiting an old historical site and touching the stones can teach you a lot about the history of the place.

The term Psychometry was coined by the psychical researcher D.J.R. Buchanan in 1840 at the Cincinnati medical school after placing different medicines in unmarked medicine bottles he asked his students to identify the medicines by holding the bottles. The objects most commonly used in psychometry are jewellery or small personal items like watches, keys and letters etc. In the case of police work or finding missing persons, photograph or weapons or other items belonging to the person such as clothing have been used. The more often the objects have been used the more information will be available. However if a number of people have handled the object the information received may be conflicting.

Psychics who practice psychometry believe that whenever some one touches an object vibrations become attached to it, in particular emotions. Handling an object that carries sentimental value, for example a family ornament, may carry indications of people who owned it.