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Call me to book a reading 01622 686469

Psychic Reading Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers for readings with Anita are available at all times and available for phone or face to face readings. Please click on the buy it now to purchase a gift voucher. Vouchers can be posted out or if you are local you can collect in person.

Please note gift vouchers are only available for readings Monday to Friday.


psychic reading gift voucher

For a telephone reading please do the following:

1. Get in touch to find out availability
2. Within 24 hours of making the appointment please make the payment (this confirms your booking)
3. Call 01622 686469 at the agreed time for the reading .

Phone reading payment

I had a telephone reading with Anita yesterday.The level of accuracey was 2nd to none and to be honsest i am still trying to process it all. I also think its important to note that Anita gives you as much as she can in the timeframe you are given there is no messing around. Additionally the reading I got was worth far more than the small charge i paid. Unfortuately there will always be negativity surrounding Psychic readings i got commments like they get it from your facebook ect ect. But i feel it is important to tell you there were things that Anita new and they were not stuff I would post anywhere. This lady is simply amazing and has been gifted with an amazing talent. Anita I would love to know your story if you realised you had this talent when you were young it must have been a innersting time for you. If you havent already you should write a book. So if anyone is debating on booking a phone reading or anything else DO IT. You wont regret it and you will be doing what in doing right now and sharing your experience. Anita your simply amazing you made me feel relaxed from the start and I cannot thank you enough. You have adddresed sections of my life that had me all muddled up and somewhat filed them in an order i can deal with thwm one at a