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Anita Shean Psychic Medium testimonials 

I had a telephone reading with Anita yesterday.The level of accuracey was 2nd to none and to be honsest i am still trying to process it all. I also think its important to note that Anita gives you as much as she can in the timeframe you are given there is no messing around. Additionally the reading I got was worth far more than the small charge i paid. Unfortuately there will always be negativity surrounding Psychic readings i got commments like they get it from your facebook ect ect. But i feel it is important to tell you there were things that Anita new and they were not stuff I would post anywhere. This lady is simply amazing and has been gifted with an amazing talent. Anita I would love to know your story if you realised you had this talent when you were young it must have been a innersting time for you. If you havent already you should write a book. So if anyone is debating on booking a phone reading or anything else DO IT. You wont regret it and you will be doing what in doing right now and sharing your experience. Anita your simply amazing you made me feel relaxed from the start and I cannot thank you enough. You have adddresed sections of my life that had me all muddled up and somewhat filed them in an order i can deal with thwm one at a time.xxxic Medium

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Me and my sister saw you today and just wanted to say thank you for such a good reading, we are both looking forward to seeing you again. xx

Anita, Thank you so much for this evening. You managed to put my mind at rest on a lot of issues. You are fantastic at what you do and I will highly recommend you to anyone who will listen xxxx

Hi Anita,
I just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing psychic reading I have ever had! I cannot believe the speed that you connected with me and hit on things with 100% accuracy ! thanks again. Rose xx

I saw you on the 6th march and you told me if I wasn't pregnant then, I would be soon I found out on the 16th march that I was 3-4 weeks gone and you said march and November seemed to be special months and I found out in march and I'm due in November!! So it all came true!! Thankyou again xxx

"6 weeks ago I had some of my dogs and puppies stolen, I tried and still am trying everything to get them all found and back home to me. I contacted Anita to see if she could pick up on anything regarding my dogs, she gave me little bits of information, e.g distance she thought they was away from me etc. 2 weeks ago I got some back (2 still missing), the location they was found was spot on to anita's reading and other bits she told me. Im amazed with her reading " Louise I saw you on the 6th march and you told me if I wasn't pregnant then, I would be soon I found out on the 16th march that I was 3-4 weeks gone and you said march and November seemed to be special months and I found out in march and I'm due in November!! So it all came true!! Thankyou again xxx

I just had a reading with Anita who told me about a conversation that I would have, where it would take place, and that a bean bag chair/a set of stairs would be present. I said no, I've already had that conversation. Well, I was wrong because it took place that night in the exact location that she predicted (stairs and beanbag present) and it caught me by surprise. I thought it would be a negative conversation but it turned out to be quite positive and assured me that there will be a future for me and a certain woman. Anita strongly felt that there would be a future and she turned out to be correct. She said the woman that I love is just afraid and has been hurt, but with patience it would likely turn into an unbelievable relationship. That night the woman talked about exactly those things. For the first time in a long time, my doubts are gone and I realize that Anita is correct. I feel so fortunate that I will likely have a future with this woman and I appreciate Anita's foresight. She is really quite genuine and cares about the people she speaks with. This is not a game. This is your life she is dealing with! I would absolutely trust her to give you the truth "sans doute" as we say in French. Paul

Thank you so much. It has been a great experience. I will certainly recomend you to everyone, love Lola

thank you very much for being spot on and for putting my exhausted mind at ease, many thanks Jools x

Anita was very reassuring and calmly predicted new and interesting choices for me to make! thank you Angie (Hong Kong)

Anita -I feel gives me confidence to choose the right path in life. I have faith in her predictions I have seen Anita 3 times now and she has always been right and true in her readings, i think she is wonderful! Jannine

Hi Anita
"I would just like to say I cannot believe what you told me when I saw you at H in Tunbridge Wells. Everything you said has come true and I honestly think without not knowing all those details before hand think I would of had a nervous breakdown!
Everything has been spot on.
I thought I could control the whole situation but oh no I couldnt.
Even though I have an absolutely terrible time over the last couple of weeks and want to thank you for telling me all.
I will def see you again soon.
Happy New Year! "
''Thank you so much for the reading on Tuesday... I was absolutely elated when you left, I felt so happy. I know Vicky thought you was brilliant too and I will definitely putting your number out there''

''Wow! What a fantastic reading. Everything you said was going to happen did. Even the colour of the car was correct. Thank you so much for your guidance'' Keeley

''Yes she is very good cant believe how good she was.'' Anita F
"thanks for my reading u was spot on x"
Amanda B

"hi u prob do so many readings that u prob wont remember all u said but the bit bout piece of jewellery in my previous home and something in the garage were true the next day!! just waiting for this guy that i already apparently know to make himself known to me! just hope its who i think it is! lol. again thanks and hope to see u again soon x"
Victoria C

Hi Anita
It was really nice to meet you, the reading made me feel very positive about several issues that have been on my mind
thanks again

Hi Anita,

Thanks for such an amazing and accurate reading

"Thanks for my reading today, it has DE-fogged my mind somewhat. My hubby is a non believer and actually can't believe some of the things you said, especially about my sunglasses because they were in my hall at the back of the Ottoman behind some papers like you said, it did make me laugh, my friend was there when i found them and she couldn't believe it"

Hi Anita, just to let you know my husband got the job offer today so we are really happy another thing you got right now im just hoping for the money you said we were going to come into, thank goodness things seem to be on the up anyway thanks again for my reading its been really funny because ive been eerily calm since i left your house its a lovley feeling which im not normaly like . I will be recomending you to everyone many thanks c x

" Just wanted to say thank you so much for last night. You've really helped all of us, especially me, Stacey and Sam who neeed to hear exactly what you said. We are the 3 that are going through the most changes and so to hear you be so spot on was just fantastic. My mum was in tears when I was telling her how acurate you were" K

" Hi Anita, was really nice to meet you... Thank you so much for doing mine and S reading's last night..
You really did hit the nail on the head with my relationship's i am looking forward to thing's calming down a bit... He he

" hi Anita lovely to meet you last night,thanks for the advice look forward to seeing you in the new year xxxxxx"

"thank u so so much for a lovely evening, ur great xxxx"

"hi anita,,,,my hubby p. was very impressed with his reading from you,,,it realy made his day to hear from his brother,,his sister in law has the tape,,,she dosnt want to give it back,,its brought her a lot of comfort.thanks very much. "

"thank u very much the reading was so good" MG

hiya thanks for last night it was really good, they were all happy with their readings so thankyou x MJ

"anita you was brilliant and i will call you soon thank you x x " hannah